Moscu_ A high probability that Washington keeps the aggressive contention policy against Russia, known as cold peace, exists, said to former officials of the Defense and Foreign Affairs portfolio, Prensa Latina reports.

The academician Andrei Kokoshin and the Politic Science Doctor Alexandr Panov, considered hardly probable in a short term, a Cold War like that suffered last century, when presenting the book Macro structural Changes in the Global Policy of the System till 2030.

The authors explained that the cold peace between the two countries can extend for many years when exploring the key tendencies of the world policy and the evolution of the role of its power centers.

The text points out as a tendency, the moving of the gravity center in the Asia-Pacific area, on the basis and estimations that show a substantial increase of the value of the present and future world economy, as well as the policy of some Asian countries.

According to Kokoshin and Panov, the military power of China, will guarantee the internal stability of the Asian giant in the next 15 years and it will also allow the use of the force on its neighbor’s countries where Beijing keeps territorial disputes.

That power will respond to the nuclear dissuasion of China with the United States, main antagonist of the nation, the writers argued.

When referring to Japan, they said that its relation with Moscow has an inherent value, with national interests of both parts that also contribute to the creation of a proper atmosphere to find a pacific solution to the problems of the peace treaty.

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