Paris_ France will launch a broad surveillance and protection mechanism for the celebrations of the end of the year and the arrival of 2018, which includes the mobilization of almost 140 thousand members of the security forces, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior, the objective will be to guarantee the safety of both the French and tourists and allow the good development of this popular and festive moment in a serene climate.

For this reason, they will mobilize 56,000 police, 36,000 gendarmes, 7,000 soldiers and another 39,000 troops that include firefighters, rescue workers and deminers throughout the national territory.

The exceptional measures will cover the whole country, with an emphasis on the public concentration sites, because on December 31 the French usually go out to the streets to celebrate the end of the year and receive the next one.

In this sense, one of the places of greater concentration is the Parisian Champs Elysees, given that traditionally in the Arc de Triomphe they perform a light show that attracts hundreds of thousands of people.

The priority of the French authorities is to guarantee security during the festivities, in a country that has been under terrorist threat for more than two years.

Since January 2015, France has been the target of numerous attacks, with a total of 241 dead and several hundred injured.

A few days ago the police arrested two people who were determined to commit attacks imminently, which shows the validity of the risk, the authorities said.

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