United Nations_ The United Nations General Assembly voted today on a draft resolution on Jerusalem submitted by Egypt to the Security Council, against the US measure of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Prensa Latina reports.

Madrid_ With several of its candidates imprisoned or abroad, Catalonia will celebrate anomalous regional elections today, forced by the government of Mariano Rajoy to contain the secessionist pretensions of the rich Spanish autonomous community, Prensa Latina reports. 

Moscow_  President Vladimir Putin denounced the unprecedented increase in espionage activity against Russia and called for halting the purposes of these organizations to interfere in the internal affairs of this country, Prensa Latina reports. 

Teheran_ The decision of the American president, Donald Trump, on Jerusalem became the unity of the Arab and Muslim world, said the head of the Persian State, Hasan Rohani, in statements released today in this capital, according to the Prensa Latina website. 

United Nations_ The Security Council of the United Nations renovated today the authorization of humanitarian access to help needed people in Syria and expressed concern for the persistent violence in several regions of the country, Prensa Latina reports . 

Beijing_ China affirmed that the promotion of peace, development and world order are priorities of its foreign policy, in response to the decision by the United States to consider Beijing a rival that threatens its interests, Prensa Latina reports.