Ramallah_ The main Palestinian authorities were against the decision announced yesterday by the US President, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Prensa Latina reports. 

Catalonia_ With the first rallies and several independentist leaders imprisoned, the political parties of Catalonia began the campaing fot the crucial elections of December 21st , in that northeastern region Spain, Radio Reloj publishes. 

Buenos Aires_ The Argentine Navy announced today that it still has not found the submarine ARA San Juan 20 days after its disappearance and continues the search with the support of specialists from different nations, Prensa Latina publishes. 

United Nations_ The United Nations Security Council will discuss today the situation in Yemen, where the humanitarian crisis is aggravated by the recent escalation of armed clashes and air strikes in the town of Sana, Prensa Latina reports. 

Seoul_ Air Forces of South Korea and the United States began today the largest joint air maneuver in their history, with around 230 combat aircraft and bombers, including US F-22 and F-35 aircraft, Prensa Latina reports.  

La Paz_ In an unprecedented event in the region, Bolivia elected the highest judicial authorities by direct popular vote, during elections characterized by the peaceful and massive participation of the electorate, Prensa Latina reports.