Tegucigalpa_ Honduras woke up today under a curfew that will last for 10 days, amid a social and political crisis in the face of allegations of an electoral fraud in favor of the president and candidate for re-election, Juan Orlando Hernández, Prensa Latina reports.

Tehran_ The Iranian president, Hasan Rohani, called for dialogue and diplomacy in the solution of conflicts and crises, a maxim defended by the Persian country, Prensa Latina reports.

La Paz_ Bolivia and Equatorial Guinea strengthened today their economic and political relations during a meeting between the president of the Andean nation, Evo Morales, and his counterpart from the Central African country, Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

Berlin_ In the midst of a serious government crisis in Germany, the president of the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), Christian Lindner, today rejected definitively to form a government coalition with the Christian Democrats and the Greens, Prensa Latina reports.

Greece_ At least 21 people lost their lives and more than a thousand buildings suffered severe damage in the southern Greek region of Attica due to heavy rains and landslides, Prensa Latina reports.

Washington_ The president of the United States,Donald Trump, is using the death of a border agent last weekend to insist on the supposed need to raise his controversial wall on the border with Mexico, Prensa Latina reports.