Caracas_ Venezuelan media and politicians criticized the manifestations of the right opposition sectors right that seem to bet on the failure of the dialogue with the government, Radio Reloj publishes.

Brasilia_ Eight trade union centers in Brazil called for a general strike in rejection of the measures announced by the interim government of Michel Temer, Radio Habana Cuba reports.

Washington - US President Barack Obama received today in the White House his successor, Republican Donald Trump, to begin the transition process that will end on January 20, when he takes office, Radio Habana Cuba publishes .

Washington_ U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump stunned the world today by defeating Hillary Clinton in general elections in that country, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Washington_ The 58 presidential election will take place this Tuesday, November 8th, in the United States, completing this way the dirtiest political campaign remembered, that involves democrat Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump, analysts and observers affirm.

Moscow_ The Russian government will be forced to apply measures before the unusual advance of troops and warlike means of the North Atlantic Organization Treaty (NATO) towards its borders, the minister of Defense, Serguei Shoigú expressed.