Beijing_ China insists today to strengthen the structural reform of the support system to consistently stimulate the growth and market vitality, while it urges to promote the innovation to revitalize the real economy, according to Prensa Latina.

Washington_ The White House announced the budget proposal for this year, where it only raised $ 1500 million to build the border wall with Mexico, so many times promised by President Donald Trump, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Caracas_ Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and Trinidad and Tobago's National Group Gas (NGC) companies have signed an agreement with Dutch Shell to build a gas pipeline, Radio Habana Cuba reports.

Maryland _ A federal judge in Maryland has temporarily blocked the new immigration veto of US President Donald Trump, hours after another judge in Hawaii did the same before its entry into force, Radio Havana Cuba reports.

Pyongyang_ The government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), denounced nuclear drills carried out by the United States and South Korea against its country, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Geneva_ The United Nations Security Council is discussing today on human trafficking, forced labor and other modern forms of slavery in conflict situations, Radio Havana Cuba reports.