Washington_ The US Senate will vote today a bill promoted by the Democratic caucus, which would prohibit persons suspected to be linked with terrorist actions the access to firearms, Cubasí published.

Havana, Cuba_ Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Trade Jesús Faría announced an economic forum with Cuban representatives that his country and Cuba will increase investment in tourism, the oil, iron and steel industries, among other sectors, Granma newspaper reports.

Washington_ A committee of the US Senate, approved to include four amendments related to the trade opening with Cuba in the bill of fiscal year 2017, Radio Habana Cuba published.

United Nations_ The participants in the 9th session of the States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities called for the protection and attention to the specific needs of the people with disabilities above all because the devastating impact of poverty and exclusion in that sector, Prensa Latina publishes.

Caracas_ Diosdado Cabello, deputy for the Patriotic Great Pole, showed new evidences of vandal acts perpetrated by the Venezuelan opposition in the capital city of Cumaná, state of Sucre, Radio Havana Cuba publishes.

Buenos Aires_ President Macri repatriated the money he had offshore and laundered it by purchasing bonds from the Argentinean debt issued by his own government, Granma newspaper publishes.