National news

Havana_ The small town of Birán, where the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016) was born 92 years ago, hosted today a popular consultation on the draft of the new Constitution of the Island, Prensa Latina reports.

Havana_ The popular consultation on Cuba's draft constitution will begin on Monday, a process during which each Cuban will be a constituent, according to Marcela González, a member of the national proposals processing team, Prensa Latina reports.

Havana, Cuba_ After an arduous process of comprehensive preparation to develop the process of consultation about the Draft Constitution, the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) are ready to start the meetings, Radio Reloj publishes.

Holguín_ An intense day of celebration on the occasion of International Youth Day, will begin next Saturday in the community of Birán, with festivities carried out by the new generations, accompanied by popular dance music, in tribute to Fidel Castro, the website of Telecrystal publishes.

Havana_ The project of the new Cuban Constitution represents a total reform of the Magna Carta enacted since 1976, on the issue of citizenship as one of the conditions that change, Prensa Latina publishes.

Havana_ The presentation in digital format of the book "Ahí viene Fidel", from journalists Wilmer Rodríguez Fernández and Yunet López Ricardo, about the route carried out by the ashes of the Leader of the Revolution to the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, took place this Tuesday at Salon de Mayo of the Cuba Pavilion, in Havana, the Portal of the Cuban Radio publishes.