National news

Havana_ There is a common denominator for sure in the response of lawmakers to the recently constituted Ninth Legislature of the Cuban parliament when it questions the priority of that supreme State organ: the continuity of the Revolution, Prensa Latina reports.

Havana_ The Gran Manzana Kempinscki Hotel won the Versailles continental prize for architecture, in a ceremony held recently in Santiago de Chile, during which awards were also presented to outstanding stores, restaurants and shopping centers, Granma newspaper reports.

Havana_ The National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba (Parliament) called today a tweet for the days 18 and 19 of April on the constitution of its IX Legislature, Prensa Latina publishes. 

Havana_ Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz received members of the island's delegation who attended the 8th Summit of the Americas and its parallel forums, and recognized the strong position they maintained in defense of the Revolution, Granma newspaper publishes. 

Havana_ As it is traditional, Cuban workers will commemorate this year the Victory of Playa Girón, as part of the main activities of the program for the celebration of May 1st, World Proletariat Day, Radio Reloj publishes.  

Ciénaga de Zapata, Cuba_ Several economic and social projects in Ciénaga de Zapata, in the province of Matanzas receive a necessary impulse on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón, Radio Reloj publishes.