Havana, Cuba_ The international media highlighted this Wednesday, the words of Cuban President Raul Castro at the closing of the sixth session of the National Assembly, Radio Reloj publishes today.

The China news agency, Xinhua, said that Cuba will never accept conditions that lacerates its national sovereignty, referring to the normalization process of relations with the United States and also that the island's economy ended the year with good results despite the blockade .

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan News Agency, echoed Raul’s intervention, who called on all social movements of the world to defend the Bolivarian Revolution against the constant attacks of imperial interventionist governments and reaffirmed the call of the Cuban leader to support the Brazilian people against the destabilizing attempts of the right.

About the latest session of the Cuban Parliament, the French news agency, AFP, publishes that the president claimed the right of Cubans to emigrate and called for a human and just treatment for them, after the agreement that will allow those that are in Costa Rica, to continue their way towards the United States.

On its part Prensa Latina’s news service, explains how the teachings of Fidel are recalled, bringing up the glorious pages of Cuba facing serious difficulties, to which he would say, "there is no place to defeatism."

This Latin American agency also reproduced the words of the Army General, when he said: "We will get to 2016 with the conviction that we will overcome any challenge in the effort to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism."

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