Holguin_ Young workers and soldiers from the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Ministry of the Interior of this territory recalled the arrival of the Rebel Army Victory Caravan’s to the region, the digital site of Granma’s newspaper publishes today.

During the celebratory event held in the community of Oscar Lucero, once the headquarters of the Batista dictatorship’s Seventh Regiment, known for its brutal attacks on the revolutionary forces and the population which supported them, the revolutionary combatant Adolfo Begdadi Herrera emphasized that the Holguín of today, with its many health care centers and schools, is nothing like the region the victorious rebels saw in 1959, as they advanced toward Havana.

Joining Begdadi were Idinio Macías Samé, Ramiro Rodríguez Arias and José Amado Árias who were pleased to be surrounded by representatives of younger generations committed to defending the nation’s independence and dignity conquered on January 1, 1959

Elizabet Cuenca Peña, a student at Enrique José Varona High School, was one of the 57 youth which earlier in the morning had met a contingent from Granma in Cacocum, to continue the reenactment of the Victory Caravan’s 1959 march to the capital.

The 17-year-old expressed her amazement that Idinio Macías was only a few years older than her when he was chosen to join Fidel as part of the Caravan, a recognition of his role on the Frank País Second Eastern Front during the insurrection.

Also attending the dialogue between generations in Holguín were Ernesto Santies­te­ban, member of the Party Provincial Political Bureau and Julio César Es­tupiñán Ro­dríguez, president of the People’s Power Provincial Assembly.

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