Havana_ Cuban jurists are betting today on legal effectiveness to leaving behind the negative tendency of sterile schematic that threatens the economic contracts, Prensa Latina reports.

Lawyer Luis Ángel García explained that the lack of understanding of the dynamics of the contract as an instrument to conclude economic relations between national entities and also with external subjects is notable.

"This is marked by some erroneous formal criteria on control, we do not say that control can be contrasted with the contract and its fluidity, but the control directed at what is not necessary," said the expert.

To what it is - he added - a formalism that simply does not influence either the content or the control of the legal relationship.

Time is finite and this should be used to study the content of the relationship and make it more appropriate and efficient, otherwise you lose it in looking for unnecessary formalities, the jurist advised.

Sometimes you try to make a contract and your counterpart asks for many documents, that when you review it, the effect of that documentation on the quality of the relationship has no influence, he said.

It is then that a current of thought is being created around this issue with allegations that those papers ask for audits and inspections, warned García, who participated in the recently concluded International Congress Abogacía 2018 that took place at the Convention Center.

You send a truck from Ciego de Ávila to Havana to look for a lot of tires and then a person appears saying that a stamp or a signature is missing, and that vehicle must return without the load affecting the vehicle fleet of an entity, the lawyer lamented.

Sometimes, he said, there are resources that the economy demands, that were imported, even mocked the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States more than half a century ago and it takes a year for the Cuban port to reach its place of destination.

But it happens because someone simply says that the contract has problems, and when it is reviewed there is a formality, it is not that there is a real difficulty that prevents solving the issue, it is just that a signature or a clause is missing in the document, the specialist argued.

Two legal norms are published, Decree Law 304 and 310, which refer to the autonomy of the parties, fluidity, flexibility of relations, but in practice we are moving in the opposite direction, he said.

'We are making the situation more rigid, complex and formal', the lawyer of the collective law firm of the central province of Ciego de Ávila sentenced.

In the moment, I internally hinder trade relations for formal reasons that are not useful, I tend to maximize the US blockade, I play into a policy that seeks to undermine our economy, the expert warned.

'Both in life and in the economy, time is an important variable, what you need for today, you have to wait three days for not jumping an obstacle imposed that is not correct, then what you lose is money,' the jurist concluded.

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