Havana_ The VI International Congress of Tropical Animal Production 2018 will be held from October 29 to November 2 at the Convention Center of this capital, organizers of the event said today, according to information published in the digital site of Prensa Latina.

The president of the scientific committee, Maria Felicia Diaz, said that one of the objectives of the event, is the evaluation of methods that, with a systemic approach, allow the sustainable increase of animal production and its ability to adapt to the different events related to climate change.

Under the slogan For the Resilience of Livestock Systems, this edition of the congress will be focused, fundamentally, on the exchange of experiences on the management of an animal mass that may be able to achieve environmental and economic sustainability over time, Díaz said.

Among the topics exposed to debate, the specialist added, will be the development of pastures, fodder and other crops of interest for animal production and the use of agricultural and industrial products that can be transformed into food for livestock.

Likewise, the improvement and conservation of animal genetic resources and the nutrition and reproduction of the different species of economic interest within the animal exploitation such as the bovine, buffalo, porcine and poultry, beekeeping and aquaculture will be discussed. .

The event, which will have the participation of producers and scientists from Latin America and Europe, mainly from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and France, will also facilitate a session on innovation, extension and local development, said the researcher.

Of great interest, will also be the interventions about the contribution of protein plants to animal feed and the main advances of scientific research in Latin America and Cuba and how they can be a way to import substitution, he said.

As a novel element, a business round will be held on November 1, which, according to Díaz, will be aimed at bringing together research centers, entrepreneurs and financiers with the presentation of portfolios of projects, products, services, financing options and collaboration of future agreements in that area.

During the congress, stands out a conference by the representative in Cuba of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Marcelo Ressende, on Food Production and Food Security for Latin America and the Caribbean, during the opening day.

The event, sponsored by the Cuban Association of Animal Production, the Experimental Station of pastures and forages Indio Hatuey and the Institute of Animal Science, will be attended by about 400 participants, according to the organizers.

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