Havana_The Cuban Finance and Prices Ministry confirmed Monday that there is a new package of measures to organize and order the commercialization of agricultural products at the national market, Prensa Latina reports.

In a press note the Cuban entity stated a group of new actions will be adopted to increase a bigger purchasing capacity for the Cuban national peso and these actions will try to increase the collecting of high demand agricultural products and their commercialization to the Cuban population.

The document adds that before taking such decisions, the Cuban Agriculture Ministry started a process of discussion with producers, commercializers and the rest of the system.

The measures -the document adds- constitute a protection to consumers and agricultural producers, assuring the stability in the level of the prices.

The measures start in vogue on Tuesday, May 3, and for this purpose, the Resolutions 157-C and 162 of 2016 by the Cuban Finance and Prices Ministry, have been published in the Cuban National Official Gazette.

They establish, among other aspects, maximum selling prices to the population of selected agricultural products, which correspond with products of first quality, in accordance with the regulations, while the second quality is applied to a discount of 20 percent and the third, 40 percent.

Prices take into account the season of each crop: the optimal, when yields are higher; and outside, in which diminish and are set for all types of agricultural markets, except for thouse ruled by offer and demand, and in the case of the province of Havana in addition for self-employed workers authorized to exercise this activity.

By way of exception they may maintain some agricultural markets where the quality of the product is recognized on an added value in its offer, while for the rest of the agricultural products collected by state-owned enterprises, with prices not centralized, fixed profit margins that do not exceed 40 percent, which favors that the prices to the population do not excessively increase.

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