Maseru_ The strengthening of ties that will allow further progress in cooperation is today the visible result of the official visit to South Africa and Lesotho of Cuban Vice President Inés María Chapman, Prensa Latina reports.

At the end of this first stage of her trip - which will continue in Kenya - the vice president of the Councils of State and of Ministers highlighted the friendly, fraternal and very warm exchanges she had in the two African nations.

The vice president said that there was a contact with the history of the two countries, with their governments and their parliaments.

She also highlighted the meeting with Blade Nzimande, general secretary of the Communist Party of South Africa, and with other leaders of the organization.

In all cases, "it is a clear and diaphanous evidence of how much we love each other and how much brotherhood exists between Cuba and the peoples of Africa”, she said.

On the visit to Lesotho, she said that a result of the cooperation that will be seen soon is the increase in the number of doctors of the brigade that provides services here.

The vice president also highlighted the 'good opinion of the work of the collaborators, because it has allowed to strengthen the health system in those countries from the preparation of new doctors and specialists'.

I think it has also been a reencounter with history, "underscored Inés María Chapman," and with the beginnings of Cuban nationality, because we are descendants of Africa.

One element that the vice president emphasized is that the two countries reiterated their expressions of 'support for the fight against the blockade', imposed on Cuba by successive US governments for almost six decades.

Wherever we have arrived, we have been told that they support Cuba in its firmness, in its integrity and in its dignity, she added, insisting that the collaborators are the bearers of these qualities.

She pointed out that, for these days, she has been remembered with great gratitude the decisive contribution of Cuba in the achievement of the victory in the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, Angola, on March 23, 1988 and what this represented for the peoples of Africa .

Vice President Inés María Chapman ratified the principle that Cuba shares what it has, and acknowledged that "being solidarity is paying off our own debt to humanity."

In addition to South Africa and Lesotho, the vice president of the Councils of State and of Ministers will make an official visit to Kenya, the last stage of her trip, which ends on April 3.

On the South African scale, she participated in the Southern African Development Community Solidarity Conference (SADC) with Western Sahara.

The delegation that accompanies the Cuban leader is Armando Vergara, deputy general director of Bilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba and the ambassadors of Havana in the countries visited.

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