The Youth Club has 614 installations distributed in each province of the country. It offers 11 unique services associated with other Cuban entities, exceeding in 2017 the 10 million services to more than 3 million Cubans.

Among its main assets include courses with about 300 programs of basic, specialized and postgraduate classes, where more than 4,600,000 people have graduated to date, in face-to-face, semi presence and distance modalities.

The most demanded service is machine time and navigation, with video games being the most requested, with more than 44 thousand registered in network games such as World of Warcraft.

In addition, the Youth Computer Club are in charge of marketing high demand products such as Ecured, La Mochila, the blog Reflejos, the Estanquillo portal and Ludox, the latter opened last December.

The Youth Club also provides services associated with other institutions such as Etecsa, Segurmática, the Information Technology Company for Defense (XETID) and the Simulation Research and Development Center (SIMPRO), Commerce and Gastronomy, the information technology company AICROS, of the MINCONS; José Martí Cultural Society, Softel and Citmatel.

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