Havana: Cuba celebrates today the World Day against Desertification and Drought with notable results in the protection of landscapes to stop land degradation and build a future together, Prensa Latina reports.

A forestry index of 31 percent shows the achievements of the Island in its climate change adaptation and mitigation programs, and also defines its commitment to landscape reforestation by 2030.

That was the purpose for which environmental decision makers from 23 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean recently joined as part of a project gestated by Germany in 2011 and named Bonn Challenge, which seeks to restore 350 million of hectares for 2030.

The country allocates important financial resources for these purposes, such as those assigned to forest protection, as well as soil conservation, since 30 million hectares are lost each year in the world due to their degradation.

To achieve these purposes, Cuba is expected to promote 220 thousand hectares of mangroves, the implementation of agroforestry systems in 35 thousand hectares, as well as the restoration of 110 thousand forests and 100 thousand of other lands affected by mining or those very eroded

This was highlighted by the president of the Inter Ministerial Coordination Committee for the Green Climate Fund, Irma Martínez said during the Bonn Challenge meeting.

Martinez also highlighted the protection of coasts and watershed management among the most significant results in the confrontation to climate change.

Desertification is due to the vulnerability of dry land ecosystems, which cover a third of the planet's surface, as well as to overexploitation and inadequate land use.

Every June 17, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is celebrated, in order to raise awareness about international initiatives to neutralize land degradation through the search for solutions, with strong community participation and cooperation at all levels.

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