Havana, Cuba__ The Second International Conference with All and for the Good of All, focused on the ideas of Cuba’s national hero, José Martí, opens today at the International Conference Center in the capital and will run until the next January 28, Prensa Latina reports.

With the presence of over 600 delegates from 45 countries, the event aims to encourage and organize the exchange of ideas between people of goodwill throughout the world, says its official website (www.porelbiendetodos.com/).

Hector Hernandez Pardo, vice president of the Marti Program Office, said that the ideas of Martí, ethical in all his expressions, may favor dialogue among intellectuals and academics from different generations and latitudes.

"Proof of this is the presence of more than 400 foreigners from nations of all continents," he stressed.

According to Ana Sanchez, director of the Center for Marti Studies, the repercution of the conclave reaffirms the importance of the Cuban Revolution worlwide.

For the also member of the organizing committee, the importance of the island in the fight for fairer aspirations is evidenced by the meeting of leading contemporary thinkers and political figures of relevance in Havana, to discuss common concerns.

"It enshrines the validity and contemporary philosophy of its main hero (Marti), universal and timeless due to his humanism that still today output many problems of the world", Ana Sanchez said.

Sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), the conference will meet in commissions and panels that will address current issues influenced by the ideas of independence hero approaches.

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