Havana, Cuba_ A journalist colleague once said: Cubans have the right to the right. Beyond a play on words, that phrase represents the opportunity to live a full life, with challenges, sacrifices and demands, but also with certainty, with the certainty of a support that does not leave you to chance, publishes Radio Reloj. 

Those born in this small Island enjoy, under equal conditions, the right to culture, health, sports, work ... They have the privilege of accessing to a healthy recreation and arrive at a pleasant old age.

They live in a country where there are spaces for everyone, regardless of age, race, religion or social and economic status. And they do so with the conviction of traveling on a safe and victorious path to the future, and continue to build this great revolutionary work.

With their own voice

Women in Cuba are an example of integration in the economic, political and social life of the country. They have a voice, they are the center of home and at work they march at the vanguard.

While in the world 1 in 3 females experience physical and sexual violence and millions do not enjoy equal rights in inheritance and property, and more than 300 thousand die each year from avoidable complications during childbirth, in our Island the panorama shows a different face.

Cuban women represent a high percentage of the people employed in the civil state sector, as well as in senior management positions, graduates of higher education, and in Parliament, their presence also grows. They also protect another treasure, since the direct maternal death rate in Cuba is one of the lowest in the world.

Our little children always happy

Special mention deserved the children this December 10, International Human Rights Day, because as our Apostle José Martí wrote, they are the hope of the world.

In Cuba, they are looked after since they are in the mother's womb, through the Mother-Child Care Program.

Once they are born, those care do not finish and then when they play, they go to school to learn, they laugh and they grow up living in freedom, with love and without fear of bombs. And if they get sick, without paying a dime, there's more than one doctor always ready for them, our small princes and princesses.

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