Havana, Cuba_ Popular joy multiplies throughout the nation. In family or among friends, more than 11 million Cubans celebrate the arrival of the New Year, and also the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution. 

Cuba works for a better future, for an increasingly just society, which is equivalent to saying "More Socialist". The Cuban people are facing the transformation of our reality with new laws and profound reforms that demand, in the first place, a new mentality, as explained by Army General Raul Castro Ruz, Radio Reloj publishes.

This is the start of 2018, a year that should be decisive in the economic development of the country, when we all must work hard if we want the well-being that we yearn for and the prosperity with which we dream to become true for all.

Cuba is untouchable

With his pretensions of a new emperor, US President Donald Trump returns to the hostile and unsuccessful policy against Cuba, with the resurgence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade, and the brake on the discreet advances towards civilized coexistence between the two countries.

But Cuba knows of heroic resistances, and also of possible dreams. They are part of the blood of its people, inherited from José Martí and Fidel Castro. They knew how to teach that the strength and tenacity are deadly weapons against any attempt to cut the unit and make us give up.

Many are the adverse factors that Cuba faces today. But it endorses the Apostle's sentence that greatness is in truth, and truth in virtue. That spirit, that temper, has sustained the Cuban Revolution, against all odds. That’s the way it will continue to be.

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