National news

Havana_ Congolese students studying medicine in Havana apologized to Cuba for the riot in which they were involved, and criticized the political manipulation of their case by the enemies of the Revolution, Cubadebate reports on Friday.

Havana: Cuban lawmakers are debating economic and social issues at the last working session in ten permanent commissions of the People's Power National Assembly (Parliament), Prensa Latina reports.

Havana_ Cuba maintains a favorable epidemiological situation supported by the absence of cases of cholera and the non-transmission of Zika and Chikungunya, senior officials reported today in the National Assembly of Popular Power (ANPP), Prensa Latina reports.

Havana: The Cuban deputies begin today working in the ten permanent committees of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP, Parliament), with the analysis of essential issues for the economic and social development of Cuba, Prensa Latina reports.

Havana, Cuba: With the presence of Army General Raul Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Councils of State and Ministers, began today the Second Special Session of the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of Popular Power, where this April 10, the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba will be proclaimed.

Havana: Tomorrow Cuba will vibrate not only when the National Assembly of People's Power proclaims the new Constitution of the Republic, but with a tweet, which all Cuban citizens are summoned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Constitution of Guaimaro and the conquests of the Revolution, the Cuban News Agency publishes.