Mayabeque, Cuba_ Mayabeque doubled in 2017 the installed capacities to increase local production and sale of construction materials in relation to 2016. 

In the period several state entities of the territory were incorporated in the manufacture of earthenware, channels, manual bricks, joists, among others used mainly for the construction of houses for subsidized people.

They also established the production of the Sandino housing that is carried out in Güines with the delivery of 19,376 panels and 3215 concrete columns in 2017.

They work in new molds for the elaboration of roof elements and another achievement of the program is the creation in the 11 municipalities of capacities for the confection of flats.

In Mayabeque, these advances contribute to the acquisition of equipment through the use of different modalities such as local development projects and financing with one percent of the territorial contribution.

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