Mayabeque, Cuba: May 9, 1945, the Russian flag flies over Berlin, a smoky and silent city and a panicked Nazi dome, that was the day of victory over fascism. Between Adolf Hitler and his supporters prevailed the desperate slogan of run for your lives.

Behind stayed an ideology, a political movement and a type of state of a totalitarian and undemocratic nature of the extreme right; created by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and that spread in interwar Europe from 1918 to 1939.

Nazi doctrine led the world to World War II. They invaded Poland to give way to a war of national liberation with the resistance of the peoples of the occupied countries.

Four million soldiers and officers, 3,300 tanks and combat cars, some 46,000 artillery pieces and almost 4,400 aircraft was the arsenal used by the Nazi troops to attack Russia on June 22, 1,941.

For the first time a government gave arms to its people for the defense of the nation. The Soviets halted the Nazi advance 70 kilometers from Moscow for almost two years resisted the onslaught against Leningrad.

With its victories at Stalingrad and the Kursk Arch, the Red Army took the initiative and expelled the invaders from its territory. They liberated Poland and the present-day Czech Republic, until they reached the periphery of the capital of Nazism.

After hours of savage fighting, Soviet soldiers conquered the place, symbol of Nazi power for years, floor by floor, and made their way to the roof, where they waved the hammer and sickle flag. The Nazi troops from Berlin surrendered on May 2.

Seven days later, in the building of the former Academy of Engineers in the town of Karlshorst, Berlin's Lichtenberg district, Keitel, the German capitulation occurred to make way for the Victory Day. With the triumph the criminal plans of world domination were defeated.

It was the largest war conflict in history, in which nearly 100 million people lost their lives, hence the importance of not forgetting history so that it does not repeat itself.

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