Mayabeque, Cuba_ Members of the Association of Educators in Mayabeque will hold next November 10th, the Provincial Balance of the work of this organization during 2016,  at the Rodeo Fairgrounds in San Jose de las Lajas.

According to Radio Camoa more than 1000 members of this organization will receive general information about the work of the association throughout the year, report that will be analyzed in commissions to determine the main achievements and shortcomings.

The appointment will be propitious to recognize the commendable work of three prominent pedagogues of the 21st century, this time teachers Humberto Gonzalez, professor at the Polytechnic Institute Eduardo Solis Rente and Narciso Fraga Castillo, of the Secondary School Ignacio Agramonte, as well as the madruguera poetess, based in San José de las Lajas Esther Trujillo Garcia, who is also a writer, researcher, creator and essayist.

The Association of Educators of Cuba is a non-governmental organization existing in all municipalities of the country which brings together education professionals and others related to the sector.

This organization's main objectives are to promote the development of science teaching through scientific research and the exchange of experience which contribute to enriching the work of educators.


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