Mayabeque, Cuba_ The cartoon serie, Cuba, the first time, with original screenplay from Mayabeque’s writer Omar Felipe Mauri, is to be presented this Saturday at the Chaplin Cinema in Havana, on the occasion of the the 57 anniversary of the founding of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography Industry (ICAIC).

Mauri explained that this proposal presents historical curiosities, attempting to further promote love for the country and bring the new generations closer to the Cuban revolutionary process, through the exaltation of its characters.

The series is an approach to events in the history of the Island, it promotes facts and events as well as personalities who with their actions, contributed to the freedom of Cuba.

The also president of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Mayabeque, highlighted the quality of photography, the sound effects and plot proposed by the film.

He also distinguished the Guijarro filmmaking team, composed of young illustrators, cartoonists and animators, led by Gustavo Alonso, under the direction of the Animation Studios, who made the serie with 2D and 3D technology, and duration of 50 seconds.

Among the places selected for the episodes locations, Mauri also mentioned the sea and countryside, places concerning his native province and streets of Old Havana, the Havana harbor, the baseball stadium and the Park of Cordoba, among others.

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