Mayabeque, Cuba_ "Otoño", creation of Milda Padrino Betancur from the municipality of San José de las Lajas was the prize-winning work at the Provincial Artisan Hall "Arte en Lajas" inaugurated at the Casa de la Cultura Genaro de la Rosa of the capital city, as part of the activities for the National Culture, Radio Camoa publishes.

With a total of 59 works and the participation of more than 30 artisans from the province of Mayabeque, the hall showed a beautiful exhibition of wood carvings, weaving, roparche, flowers, jewelery, dolls, materials of nature, mixed techniques and metal that demonstrated the good taste and skills acquired by the participants.

The jury integrated by specialists in the different manifestations and recognized Artisans of the Cuban Association of Artists and Artisans (ACAA) of the territory, among them Eduardo Díaz Rodríguez, Mercedes Hernández Hernández, José Alberto Collazo, among others, awarded the grand prize to Iván Hernández Sánchez, from the municipality of Melena del Sur with his work "A Bayamo en coche".

The second prize and popularity award given by the public was given to Zaida Suarez from Madruga and the third went to the work Maternidad, by Lilian Mara from San José de las Lajas, as well as five Mentions to works that due to their quality deserved recognition.

Mercedes Hernández Hernández, president of the Raíces Cubanas Artisans project, stated that she has an extensive work in the locality, both in the purpose of training new artisans, and in taking her work to homes for the elderly, Casa de los Abuelos and exchanging with them on different topics.

The Raíces Cubanas project creates "Arte en Lajas" on March 5, 2005 with the aim of promoting artists for the ACAA, that the population can access to the workshops that this project offers to develop handicraft skills and at the same time for being a mean to specialize workers who perform their work and sale on their own.

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