Mayabeque, Cuba_ Mayabeque has four groups of accompanying musicians and of 198 children that are infants repentistas, tonadistas and writers of decimas, number that is higher than in any other time in the history of the province which places the territory among the most outstanding in the country.

That was explained, Lazaro Palenzuela, director of the House of the Decima in the demarcation, institution responsible for advising, monitoring and achieving the functionality objective of specialized workshops of infant repentismo and accompanying musicians.

He further stressed that the work since 2009, date of creation of the institution in Mayabeque, is aimed to promote, disseminate and diversify a tradition, that is an intangible heritage of the Cuban nation.

The success in promoting the art of improvising verses and singing the Cuban punto is related to the work of repentistas and performers who gave their step forward the preparation of students as Yunet Lopez, Francisco Rodriguez, Julito Martínez, José Antonio Morales and other nonprofessionals like Niuris Quintero, Diosvani Sanchez and Luis Alegria.

The provincial competition Punto y mas will take place this weekend at the El Rodeo fairgrounds of San José de las Lajas, where children promoters of this tradition in the demarcation will test their talent.

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