Mayabeque, Cuba_ The theater groups Montecallado Estro and Teatrón Lunático carry out a summer tour for communities of the province.

These presentations are aimed at taking the art and the culture to the whole geography of Mayabeque during the month July.

According to Ana María Conde Suarez, head of the department of artistic development in the provincial direction of culture, the benefitted places are central Noriega, of in Bejucal, Manuel Fajardo, of Quivicán, Camilo Cienfuegos, of Santa Cruz del Norte, Boris Luis Santa Coloma in Madruga, Gregorio Arlé Mañalich, in Melena del Sur, Amistad con los Pueblos of Güines and Héctor Molina, in San Nicolás.

Teatron Lunático will also have a special presentation in the Agrarian University of Mayabeque, in the summer camp with young from the whole country.

The theater exhibitions are favored by the department of scenic arts of the provincial direction of culture of this demarcation and during August will have the presentations of the groups Tacón and Olas from San José de las Lajas and Batabanó respectively.

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