Mayabeque, Cuba_ Blanca Becerra amateur theater group, of Mayabeque, one of the oldest of its kind in Cuba, is preparing a program of activities to celebrate the anniversary 72 of its foundation, next August, according to the Cuban News Agency.

Lazaro Ovidio, group director, announced that among the plays they are going to perform is The Comb and the Mirror (El peine y el Espejo) from Abelardo Estorino, and Jose Ramón Brenis’ The Beggar (El Mendigo).

Blanca Becerra’s group was founded by the cultural promoter Juan Barona, and more than 200 hundreds artist has belonged to it, the sopranos María Eugenia Neighborhoods and María Ester Pérez, as well as Carlos Díaz, director of the theater group The public, among them.

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