Mayabeque, Cuba_ A group of youths, loving of the visual arts in Madruga are preparing an exhibition dedicated to the 58 years of the Cuban Revolution and its main author, the Commandant in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, to be opened on January, 2017, in coincidence with the date of the popular victory.

Graduate artists of Eduardo Abela academy and the 13 de Marzo Art Instructors School, in the territory, are involved in this project that seeks to show almost six decades of changes and transformations in the construction of a new country.

The exhibition will include paintings, engravings and sculptures from the new group of artists of the visual arts, defenders of the Revolution since the culture.

The collective exhibition will be at the art gallery PLC of the municipality, scenario of promotion and popularization of the local and national talent at the beginning of the next year as part of the celebration for the anniversary 58 of the Revolution.

Alone with artists of other manifestations, these youths condemn the blockade of the United States against Cuba and the maneuvers to influence in the youth with subversive new programs and they support the Cuban government's resolution that will be voted in United Nations the next October 26 about the necessity of putting an end to that policy.

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