Mayabeque, Cuba_ The workshop on Integrated Community Work was held in Mayabeque with the presentation of more than 35 papers, projects and experiences in the social, cultural, sport, neighborhood history and transformations on the performance of local government bodies.

This event is part of the national program 40th Anniversary of the People's Power and was a space for exchange and reflection on the work to raise the quality of life in the communities, based on research and proposals for solving the main problems and dissatisfaction of the population.

Tamara Valido Benítez, president of the Provincial Assembly, explained that 204 jobs were discussed at the base and 108 in the municipalities, figures that surpass those of previous periods in quantity and quality.

The highest representative of the government in Mayabeque said that "it is a sample of the integration of the factors in each jurisdiction and the people as the protagonist of the solutions or in the presentation of proposals that guide government management through systematic meetings of the delegates with the integrated working groups, taking into account the diagnosis and study of the community. "

"For us it is a great satisfaction that the citizens respond to such summons like this one and the contest I am the People's Power in which there was a wide representation of Mayabeque and Santiago de Cuba," Valido Benitez added.

In order to socialize the work, five commissions evaluated and recognized around 15 works, among those with the greatest social impact, as a sample of participatory democracy in government tasks.

They also stimulated the works that highlighted the work in the improvement of local bodies and the integration of men and women to strengthen the identity of Mayabeque and the consolidation of the Cuban social project.

The participants in the event enjoy the presentation of la Colmenita Zumbidos Corazoneros, of the municipality of Madruga, a community cultural experience that shows the values that identify our nation.

The program for the 40th anniversary of the Popular Power in Mayabeque included solemn assemblies in the municipalities and in the province, as well as the inauguration of the photographic exhibition 34 plus 6.

Sesiona en Mayabeque Taller de Trabajo Comunitario Integrado

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