Mayabeque, Cuba_ The International Book Fair Mayabeque, March 16th to 20th, will present a great amount of books for the enjoyment of the population, among which it will be find Contrabando de bozales en Cuba: perseguir el tráfico y mantener la esclavitud (1845 -1867), from the authors María de los Ángeles Meriño Fuentes and Aisnara Perera Díaz.

The book gets the reader closer to a theme not yet explored of the history of Africans clandestine traffic, the arrival of those expeditions to the Island’s coasts and their later distribution as well as the incidences between a moment and the other, and also the participation of the population living near in the disembarkation places in those processes and the commitment of the local authorities in them.

This book is the tenth publications of the writers as co-authors.

Because their creativity and talent, both writers are worthy of important awards like Memoria, from Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center, the Ibero-American Social Science from Mexico among other prizes. They have also received the National Prize of Scientific and Technical Critic in five occasions, since 2007 to 2015.

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