Mayabeque, Cuba_ Some literary novelties from Montecallado Publishing House are presented in the International Book Fair 2016 in Mayabeque, including the collection of poems for children They're all invited !, (Están todos invitados) from writer Juan Carlos Garcia Guridi, which gave him Félix Pita Rodríguez Award in 2014.

In this text the decima turns into a formal way to show us the infant universe from its splendid cubanía. A book, made for and from children, is a constant invitation to a party, this time, of literature, where children are subjects and actors in a wonderful world, reading as the understanding of our most genuine roots.

You are all invited !, literary novelty from Montecallado Publishing house at the International Book Fair 2016 which began this Wednesday in San José de las Lajas, with a variety of proposals, whether literary as cultural.

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