Mayabeque, Cuba_ The personal exhibition Entropía, by the young painter Luis Alberto Saldaña Soto, will be opened to the public at six o'clock in the afternoon this Friday, at Víctor Manuel Gallery, in the Cuban capital.  

Journalist: What is the central theme of the exhibition?

Luis Alberto Saldaña: The main theme is the sea. These are locations and objects I put to the canvas in almost a documentary way since I worked with real photos taken in places of the southern coast of the province of Mayabeque, objects that as time goes by tellis a story, and that is a bit of Entropy, is the passage of time through things, evolution and transformation.

That is, it is a way to appreciate changes and transformations of the objects in reality, which allows us to see the passage of time.

Journalist: Is it the sea which opens to you the doors to the universe and creation?

Luis Alberto Saldaña : The sea is always seen as the border of that insular condition, the sea as a gate, as neutral space.

Journalist: From the photography to painting, Why?

Luis Alberto Saldaña: In this exhibition the photography fulfills an important role as you go to the place, you find the object and take it to your work with a minimal composition, simplifying everything else, that is, simply the object, the location and the water, all wrapped in a very romantic mist, a very pictorial atmosphere in a scenographic way, where I highlight those objects.

Entropía, the exhibition that is inaugurated today in the capital's gallery Víctor Manuel, by the young güinero Luis Alberto Saldalña Soto, is a summary of the author's work since 2017 to date. It consists of 12 works of medium and large format.

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