Mayabeque, Cuba_ Mayabequense Jorge del Valle, won the first prize in composition with his work Canto a mi Cuba, in the Provincial Singing to the Sun Festival, held in the city of Santa Clara. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ With an invitation to talk with renowned writer, journalist and researcher Ciro Bianchi Ross, the space Where There Is Also a River returns this Saturday at the headquarters of the José Martí Cultural Society since 2:00 p.m., Mayabeque newspaper reports. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Summer Film Festival brings to Mayabeque some options of cycles presented in the capital, as an initiative of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (Icaic). 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The contribution of the journalists to the Third Provincial Workshop of Sociopolitical Studies Mayabeque 2017, was valued as very positive.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The cultivator of the espinela Aramís Padilla, from Mayabeque, won the first place in the Justo Vega Repentismo Competition, on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Cucalambeana Day in Las Tunas.


Mayabeque, Cuba_ The exhibition Mendive: Works of the National Museum, was inaugurated in the gallery of San Jose de las Lajas and will remain open until July 20, according to Tony Pita, a communicator of the Mayabeque Culture Directorate.