Mayabeque News

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Three works of the National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA), located in San José de las Lajas, received the 2017 Academy Award.

Mayabeque, Cuba__ The Amistad Cubano Bulgara Cooperative of Güines, is located at the vanguard of the movement of 100 thousand quintals in Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ María Amalia Pérez Suárez, from the delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) of Radio Mayabeque, received the Raúl Gómez García provincial prize for the Work of Life, taking into account her more than 25 years of work in the radio with ascending results.

Havana, Cuba - Coherent and accessible both to specialists and to a general public that is extremely useful in the scientific, teaching and artistic teaching areas results The Punto Cubano and other Peasant Traditions: Rescue and Diffusion in the New Province of Mayabeque, National Award to the results of the scientific research conferred by the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ At the end of the first quarter, the collective of the Genetic Cattle Company of Mayabeque, located in Madruga, exceeded the meat production planned for the stage. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The poultry farmes of Mayabeque joined to the popular movement Growing Together (Creciendo Juntos), show today better results in the production of eggs. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Mayabeque Business Group carried out a functional control visit to the base business units and various productions of food, transportation, road maintenance, pharmacy, commerce, the recreational center Escaleras de Jaruco, Security and Protection, Constructive Maintenance and Community Services. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Researchers from the National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA) together with producers and workers linked to the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Efraín Mayor participated in a workshop as part of the second stage corresponding to the project on biological control. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The state and business bodies of the municipality of Batabanó are working hard to close the first stage of the Mayabeque’s popular movement Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together), on April 19.