Mayabeque, Havana - The good news was provided by Lázaro Palenzuela, director of the Casa de la Décima and the improvised verse. The album Al natural has just been nominated in Medellín, Colombia, for the Young Talent Award. The CD produced by the Association of Colombian troubadours, ASTROCOL, has interpreters from the cultural institution based in Güines. 

JOURNALIST: What made this album unique?

LAZARO PALENZUELA: The record between a student and a teacher is a marvelous thing that had never been done before. A record like that has not been produced and we are happy. It is already an important result that the album has been produced and that it can be presented here.

This phonogram promotes country music through various genres and themes that interact to represent the identity of the Island, according to Mérido Francisco, in charge of the musical direction of this project.

MÉRIDO FRANCISCO: The album is made up of 4 songs, Flor pálida, 100 percent Cuban, La Guantanamera, still more Cuban, two tonadas and we also wanted to do something with Mexican music, there in Colombia you can hear it as much as in Mexico. We then include a topic called No me sé rajar and of course, the Punto Cubano. We are representing the country music and we wanted to take everything, as it was a lute, used for the instrumental part and the tonadas were included.

JOURNALIST:  What represented for Noslén Chávez, having also participated in the making of this album?

NOSLÉN CHÁVEZ: It's a dream made true. It is the result of my work. Traveling to Colombia and recording an album is undoubtedly important in my life.

Lázaro Palenzuela, director of Casa de la Décima and the improvised verse, told Radio Mayabeque Digital that "the album in Colombia has total acceptance. It was recorded by ASTROCOL in conjunction with the record label SABE "

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