Mayabeque, Cuba_ Comandante Juan Almeida gathered all the good reasons of every combatant. From the teacher he learned that every revolutionary adventure with a bag on the shoulder requires a place in memory to be afterwards translated into books and songs.

This September 11th we commemorate the ninth anniversary of his physical disappearance and perhaps La Lupe is the best-known piece in a catalog of hundreds of worthy works, it would be necessary to clarify in the victorious and even capricious paths of music some connection no less enigmatic with the responsibility that Martí saw in the endearing Mexico, in the very borders of the language and the identity of our America.

All this work of Commander Almeida seems invariably touched by love, commitment to the Homeland, the Revolution, with his boss and friend Fidel, with his indispensable partner.

In one song he will say that Es mejor concluir, in another he will claim Juventud y Experiencia at the same time, he also supposes in another that conquering any dream implies Un camino largo, but there will always be love as an inevitable premise of the heart.

There are many, many, the interpreters who identify themselves with the legacy of the musician Comandante, as if in each work he exhibited the consubstantial interests of his brothers.

In his books transits the testimony, the very word of the deed and even those everyday events where heroism crystallizes.

Commander Almeida is among those capable of listening to the mandate of the land, the incredible message of the natural orchestra to transcend among those who want the dawn of the heroes shown in text and music.

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