Mayabeque, Cuba_ The research of the author Yoel Enrique Rodríguez will be presented at the Ninth Theoretical Encounter Culture and Traditions, next September 21, at the José Ricardo Fresneda Municipal Library, in Melena del Sur, as part of the Day of the Stone of Las Mercedes.

The participation of black meleneros in the independence process of '95, not collected so far, is one of the contributions of this work and looks for the enrichment of the local history.

"This writing dedicated to the War of Independence in the territory and its men aims to visualize the elements of traditional popular culture of those who fought in the manigua," Rodriguez said.

The search for the mambises meleneros has as an antecedent the investigation made by this writer about the tradition to the Stone of Obbatalá, where the genealogies of several black families of the municipality were reconstructed. Some names coincided with those registered in newspapers of the time.

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