Mayabeque, Cuba_ Members of the Commercial, Food and Services Union held their first Provincial Conference, saluting the Seventh Party Congress and as part of the activities for the International Proletariat Day, Mayabeque newspaper publishes.

The meeting was attended by 100 delegates, who discussed about the functioning of the organization, the affiliation and the relation with the self-employed workers, in the updating of the Economic Model.

It was strongly analyzed the need to change the image of the service units leased and the creation of a wholesale market that satisfies the demand for raw materials for non-state worker.

The control of the instability of supplies to ensure the compliance of the circulation plans was another of the topics discussed in the plenary, as well as the dissatisfaction with the implementation of Resolution 17, workers’ pay system.

Pedro Victor Simon, general secretary of the Workers National Union of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services in the country explained that everything will be resolved when the Union feels truly responsible for the problems of its workers, who cannot be at an empty stage without the presence of a union leader, because that is our main function, to ensure the conservation, harmony and welfare of workers.

The new Bureau of the organization was elected and Yaleibis Martinez Fernandez, ratified as its general secretary in Mayabeque, invited everybody to participate in the greatest march to celebrate the historical date with the workers and their families.

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