Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Provincial Assembly of the People's Power in Mayabeque recognized the work of the radio program En Tiempo Real, of the Radio Mayabeque station, on the fifth anniversary of its first airing.

In the last five years, the fourth Monday of each month, at 1:45 p.m., the people of Mayabeque has a space to evacuate their doubts, raise concerns and participate in the government of their country.

We reproduce the full text of the letter signed by the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power of Mayabeque.

San José October 30, 2018                 Year 60 of the Revolution"




Members of the Production Staff of “En Tiempo Real" Radio Program.

Five years have passed, of that idea that seemed impossible, when almost without knowing how, we decided to initiate the contact with the people, in a live radio space, from the headquarters of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power.

How much success in the proposal, how much certainty in its implementation, how many problems solved after its release into the air!

The space, which in 60 months has brought to light pressing problems of the population, has allowed us to know, exchange, reflect, respond and solve everyday problems, thanks to the comrades who, throughout the geography of Mayabeque, do every effort to make an opinion journalism increasingly similar to our reality.

For the bodies of the Popular Power, the Program becomes an important work tool, which we will always try to preserve.

We thank you infinitely for the solid work, the stumbling blocks saved when something has failed, the professionalism in each transmission. We want to continue counting on you and we are sure that together we will celebrate new anniversaries to continue winning in "popular participation in the government of the nation".
Receive an immense congratulation on behalf of the people and the call to continue growing together.

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