Havana_  The Cuban jazz musician Chucho Valdés received the award for the Musical Excellence of the Latin Grammy 2018 at the gala held the night before at the Four Seasons Hotel, in the city of Las Vegas.

Valdés thanked for the recognition which he dedicated to the memory of his father, the renowned exponent of Afro-Cuban jazz Bebo Valdés, and affirmed his intention to continue working, for the luck of good music, the CubaSí portal reported.

I thought that (at this point) I was going to be in the patio of my house feeding my chickens, but there is still a lot to do, a lot of work, many emotions, he said laughing as the illustrious son of Quivicán picked up his golden gramophone.

During the tribute, other geniuses of the music, such as the Spanish Dyango, the Brazilian Erasmo Carlos, the Dominican Wilfrido Vargas, the Puerto Rican Andy Montañez and the Mexicans José María Napoleón and Yuri were recognized.  The award from the Board of Directors Academy was also delivered to the Argentine guitarist Horacio Malvicino and the Spanish Tomás Muñoz, executives of the record industry.

With this tribute the assistants and winners leave more full of affection and respect, it is a simple but profound homage become the anchor of the great ship that is our Academy, highlighted the president of the institution, Gabriel Abaroa Jr.

The ceremony featured the performances of the honorees, who made a masterful evidence of their talent and boasted of the diversity and legacy of the Latin music, contrasted on stage by the rhythms of jazz, salsa, merengue.

The Musical Excellence Award is given to artists with a relevant background and contributions to Latin music, and even gratifies those who, without being interpreters, contribute significantly to music.

Dionisio Valdés Rodríguez, known worldwide as Chucho Valdés, is a Cuban pianist, founder of the Irakere group and owner of a successful work in which he mixes jazz with other rhythms such as rock, classical music and Afro-Cuban roots.

For his exceptional work he has received four Grammy awards: in 1979 with Irakere and the album Irakere; in 1997, with Roy Hargrove's Crisol and the album Habana; in 2000, with Live At The Village Vanguard; and in 2009, with Juntos para siempre.

In Cuba he was awarded the National Music Prize in the year 2000 as a just reverence of his homeland for his wonderful work.

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