Mayabeque_ At the start of the second round of the qualifying phase of the Provincial Baseball Championship Category 11-12 years, the team of Güines, winner of last season, occupies the second place in Zone Two, after the results of the last day.

The children of the manager Fidel Armenteros defeated the Southern players in hard-fought game that finished 2 runs by 1. The visitors connected a solitary hit while the hosts linked four with an error each set.

The success was for Luis Valdés, and the defeat for Alberto Noriega. According to a report of Armenteros in the second hour the güineros repeated the victory with score of 10 annotations by 4.

Melena del Sur, four hits and three mistakes, Güines shot a dozen of hits and made a couple of errors in the field. Yaidel Ruiz was the victorious pitcher and Emmanuel Gonzalez suffered the failure.

But the team of Melena del Sur played under proposal alleging infringement of the regulations in the use of the pitchers and the Provincial Commission gave reason, for which the victory of Güines was confiscated and granted to Melena del Sur.

In another double encounter of Zone Two, Nueva Paz team visited San Nicolás and smiled with disproportionate markers with slots of 20 for 0 and 7-0. After those results in the key two, Nueva Paz marks the passage with six successes and only two defeats

Güines is in second place with five and two and a pending game; Melena del Sur is in third place, with four and three and in the basement San Nicolás without victories. The qualifying phase will continue next Saturday with Güines as a visitor in Nueva Paz and San Nicolás in Melena del Sur.

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