Mayabeque, Cuba__ Five years of work identifies the story of young Mayabeque, which will be celebrating its birthday next January 9th. Traditions and legends come together to make up the identity of this territory, the digital site of Granma newspaper publishes.

The demarcation, with its aboriginal name, is distinguished by ranking among provinces with the best yields per hectare of the country in the sugarcane agriculture, and its industrial and scientific development.

In the 11 municipalities they are working to improve the levels of recruitment and marketing to achieve various options and fairer prices.

Factory’s difficulties generated defaults in the sugar harvest, but the experts predict changes, thanks to the work done in the previous months before the starting of the campaign.

The territory has prestigious research centers that put their professional knowledge to the service of agriculture.

Mayabeque also stands out as an industrial stronghold. It has factories aimed at power generation, oil and accompanying gas extractions, as well as other unique of its kind in the island.

The province closed 2015 with a growth of more than a four percent and a trade turnover was also favorable.

There are still much to do. In the first quarter of this year the new eye surgery room will begin paying service to solve a long-standing demand of the population who have to travel to Havana at present.

Today the province is training its personnel in various specialties, which is extremely important for the future, which was recognized by the Public Health and of Higher Education Ministries.

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