Mayabeque, Cuba: The Deputy Prime Minister, Inés María Chapman checked the agreements made previously on two sensitive issues that affect the population of the territory: hydrological services and the operation of the units of formalities, as part of the government visit to Mayabeque.

In Madruga, a municipality with a high number of requierements related to water supply, the holder emphasized in arriving as soon as possible to the communities of Seis Sacos, Matadero and Pipián, where cycles of nine and 15 days prevail without the vital liquid, meeting the needs of the population through pipes.

In Güines she called for the sanitation of the ditches, incorporating the community to preserve the hygiene of the environment.

In the procedure offices of these two municipalities she verified the quickness of the services to the people.

This time she was accompanied by the Minister of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo, who referred to computerization as a vital process to expedite the procedures that are executed there.

She also visited the Isotope Center, the only one of its kind in the country, where he exchanged with his workers.

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