Mayabeque, Cuba_ Workers of all the productive form of the agriculture in San José de las Lajas began this Monday the preparations for the cold season, Radio Camoa’s digital site publishes.

The works of preparation for the coming stage will be focused in the more than 1000 hectares dedicated to the sowing of different cultivations during the summer season, areas that will be benefited with the plowing, hoe, picadora and the ploughing for the beginning of the plantation of bean, tomato and potato among other cultivations.

According to Adolfo Francisco Sánchez, director of analysis and control of Nazarenos’ agricultural company, the fertilizers for each plantation are available in the agricultural supply warehouse of the country, as guarantee of the health and the good yields of the cultivations in the new period.

“All Popular Councils of the territory are preparing the conditions seedbeds, which will provide the postures mainly of cabbage and tomato of the cold campaign which willl speed up the commercialization and quality of these", the official remarked.

He specified that during this cycle the agricultural entities of San José de las Lajas expect to recover the production of bean affected by the rains of January and they will harvest again part of the potato seed for the next campaign.

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