Mayabeque, Cuba_ More than 200 students of Senior High School Dimas Ernesto Lopez in Melena del Sur, repudiated the attempts of the Non-Governmental Organization (ONG) World Learning, which awards scholarships to young Cubans in the United States.

The history of subversive acts of imperialism against Cuba, continues to rise, this is another way of trying to overthrow the Revolution. Now they seek to prepare young people to destabilize the social system from within the Island.

Speaking at the ceremony, Evelio Morejón Perez, Member of the Secretariat of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) at the center, said they are not opposed to the exchange between the two countries, but on the basis of respect for sovereignty and the principles which for many years Cubans have defended.

These day’s youth are aware of the empire intentions of changing the mentality of this generation to introduce its policies in the country, but what they do not really understand is that Cuban youth is heir of our mambises, of the guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra, the fighters of Giron and the Internationalists of Angola.

"It would be good that this ONG, granted possibility to study the thousands and thousands of young people that in the United States itself, have no access to education because they don’t have the minimum monetary resources to attend a school," the leader said.

The moment was propitious for each student to express with their sign the clear position of rejection against the intentions of the World Learning with Cuban youth.

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