Mayabeque, Cuba_ The government of San José de las Lajas approved, for 2017, a budget of 900 thousand pesos for the repair and maintenance of health care units in the territory, in order to continue improving the infrastructure of the sector and raise the quality of services to the population, the digital site of Radio Camoa publishes.

José Ángel Esponda, head of the Public Health Administrative Unit of the capital of Mayabeque, said that the Leopoldito Martínez Hospital will be prioritized, where constructive actions will be undertaken in the living room areas and administrative departments.

In Juan Vitalio Acuña Home, six solar heaters will be installed and the renovation of another room with capacity for a dozen patients will begin, while at the Tamara Bunke Provincial Psych pedagogical Center in Valle del Peru, the hydro sanitary system will be rehabilitated.

The repair of the polyclinics Martires del 9 de abril, in Tapaste, as well as the Felo Echezarreta and the Turcios Lima, both in the municipal head, where the constructive conditions of the X-rays department will be improved too, were also included in the annual plan of the economy.

The works in the Community Health Center postponed for this year will be executed, while a staying room will be created in the patio outside the Maternal Home, inaugurated on March 20 last year.

Likewise, all the rehabilitation rooms in the municipality, the Stomatology Clinic, at 47th avenue, four other doctor’s offices, the Municipal Public Health Administrative Unit and the Casa de Abuelos will be subject to maintenance work.

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