Using the authority granted me, in the Procedures Rule of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power, in Article 9, subsection a, which gives the President the faculty convene and preside over the meetings thereof.

I convoked on April 22 of the current year at 9:00 am in the Theater of the Council of the Provincial Administration the holding of the XXVIII Ordinary Session of Provincial Assembly of People's Power of Mayabeque corresponding to the Second Mandate, in which will the Municipal Assembly of Quivican will render account.

Also the opinion of the Temporary Committee; the assessment of the Permanent Commission of Life Quality on food safety, metrology and quality control in the demarcation; the assessment of the Permanent Committee on Labor Laws, Legality, Defense and Internal Order on the behavior of Attention to Population in Mayabeque and the creation of the Temporary Commission for Accountability of the Council of the Provincial Administration will be among the themes to be discussed.

(Taken from Mayabeque newspaper)

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