Mayabeque, Cuba__ The second provincial meeting of cooperative movement took place in Melena del Sur with the updating, formation, composition and development of the agricultural sector, its validity and transcendence in the current Cuban society, as the central theme.

A total of five papers dealt with issues related to the challenges and perspectives of the Production Cooperative Basic Units (UBPC), the impact of climate change on agriculture and economic development, investments, tax payments and training.

Lázaro Mateo Alfonso Gómez obtained the status of relevant after his presentation of the paper The Sugarcane Is More than Sugar, but ..., investigation which shows the differences between the forms of payment in the sector.

During the event the engineer Felix Jesus Aponte gave a lecture related to the development of the Cooperative movements in Mayabeque.

In the meeting the different productive forms showed their potentialities in function of obtaining food.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Association of Economists of Cuba (ANEC), the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH) and the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the province.

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