Mayabeque News

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The national tour that the musician David Blanco and his group performs to greet the 9th Congress of the University Student Federation (FEU), will arrive to Mayabeque next Wednesday the Granma newspaper, publishes.

Mayabeque, Cuba_  The General Secretary of the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC), Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, presided over the Municipal Conference of the organization in San José de las Lajas.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The opening of diverse recreational spaces and others destined to the assurance of the offers, mark the days of the commerce and the gastronomy in Mayabeque, previous to the beginning of the summery season 2018.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Three issues of high social impact will be assessed on June 23 at the ordinary session of the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power: the epidemiological situation in the eleven municipalities, the behavior of metrology, quality control and food safety and the results shown by the transportation of passengers, cargo and rail, Radio Camoa publishes.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The name of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna identifies now the Thermoelectric Power Plant located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte in Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The event of Scientific Societies and Circles of Interest of the Educational sector in Mayabeque, was held in San José de las Lajas, with the participation of professors, specialists and students who are preparing for future professions or expand their knowledge and practices in various themes.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Doctor of Sciences Arabel Elías Iglesias, is part of the eminent Cuban scientists who have just been included in the list of honorary members of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC), merit that is acquired by exceptional services to science and the institution itself.

Antonio de la Caridad Maceo y Grajales, the Titan of Bronze and hero of the two great wars of Cuba for his independence from the Spanish yoke was born on June 14, 1845, in Santiago de Cuba.

Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara, were born on a day like today, in different centuries, but with the same ideals: to fight for an independent, free and sovereign Cuba. They professed love for the Motherland and supported and defended the path towards the Cuban Revolution.