Mayabeque News

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together) is the new musical theme that praises the values ​​of Mayabeque. Written with four hands, it highlights the most autochthonous cultural traditions of the country, such as, the rumba of Leguina’s neighborhood, the son of Arsenio Rodríguez and the peasant music.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ San José de las Lajas’ discus thrower Melany del Pilar Matheus will compete in the qualifying round today, corresponding to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mayabeque, Cuba.- On the 10th of October, the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the wars for the independence of Cuba, a Tarja was unveiled to the Major General of the Liberator Army José María Aguirre Valdés, in the Plaza de los Mártires, in San José of the Lajas.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The José Martí Cultural Society in the province of Mayabeque promoted the realization of activities, conferences, talks and workshops on history and other events, in the context of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the wars of independence in Cuba.

The name of Máximo Gómez Báez soon became associated with the struggles of the Cuban people for their independence in the second half of the nineteenth century. Ascended to Major General by appointment of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, he held early positions in the ranks of the Liberation Army during the Ten Years' War.

On February 27, 1874, the Father of the Nation fell in San Lorenzo. He was born in the village of Bayamo on April 18, 1819. His parents were Jesús María Céspedes y Luque and Francisca de Borja del Castillo y Ramírez de Aguilar.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ As part of a tour around the country the president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Antonio Eduardo Becali Garrido, visited the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) Antonio Ñico Jiménez, located in Güines.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Fifty-one years after the physical disappearance of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna, the communist youth continues the path traced by the Heroic Guerrilla fighter more than half a century ago.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ A monument in the park of Surgidero de Batabanó recalls the defense that the humble fishing village makes of its history. More than 100 children of this land shed their blood, among them Miguel Felipe de la Torre, who was born in 1866 in the town of Güines, two years after the outbreak of the War of Independence.